Blog 1. Why coworking will help you build your business!

Thinking of a sea change, join the coworking revolution to make your dream a reality! Coworking isn’t just a passing fad, it’s a creative solution for businesses and individuals to work remotely or to escape the home office…

Make the most of your seachange
Mornington is a relatively small town and people that live on the Peninsula have very long commutes to the city, here at Grenco we offer a co working space (located 5 min from the beach and main street) to assist business owners to reduce the time they spend travelling and we give home based businesses an escape from the isolation of being a sole operator, offering affordable and flexible solutions.

No matter what your line of work, coworking can benefit your business.

We love the synergy that coworking spaces create, recently we had a couple that are based in the UK but were holidaying over Christmas with family that needed a local professional space to work from– there was too many distractions and the internet was a little slow at home so they ‘googled’ coworking spaces in the area and found us.

They are a couple of savvy globe trotting small businesses owners who find that working from coworking spaces wherever they go is a great investment in their business. In the short space of time they spent coworking at grenco, they connected with a graphic designer for their business needs and a co-worker connected with them to access their specialised services … its usually a chat at the coffee machine (which it actually was!) or over some lunch on the deck that these invaluable connections are made.

The isolation for small business owners can be overwhelming at times, spending even one day a week at a coworking space creates opportunities to network with other like minded people and offers the prospect for collaboration – this is something that you can’t find working from café’s.

Get sh*t done!
Our unique point of difference at Grenco is that we have created a dynamic and vibrant focused work space with great facilities & a  good vibe. It’s a respectful place for coworking professionals to focus and get what they need to get done.

The environment has been created so that your desk space is spacious, light, free from clutter & exclusive. The indoor and outdoor areas are designed with community, connecting and comfort in mind for co-workers to collaborate and make valuable connections.

Events at grenco provide extra after hours opportunity to network and socialise with fellow coworkers