Mornington Co-Working

According to Wikipedia, the definition of co-working is

‘the social gathering of people who are still working independently, but…who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with like-minded people in the same space’.


We’ve created a dynamic fresh space to work and be productive. The Mornington Co-Working space can be booked on a subscription basis for a daily or weekly options with a cancel any time policy. 

We have 8 desks  with availabilty posted to our home page View pricing here

The space is open from 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). You also get free tea and coffee and access to lounge/chillout area, fully equipped kitchen and outdoor balcony. View our facilities page

The desks are run on a subscription system so you will have the same desk and if you have a weekly option can setup your own space to your liking. Please note if you cancel your subscription your place is not on hold.


Booking a desk at Grenco can be done easily:

Visit our pricing page and decide what kind of desk you would like to try, then you can contact us to find out our availability:

  • For a single full day
  • For a desk on a daily or weekly basis on a subscription. This desk will be yours each day, each week you book for.

Please note: A the subscription will be billed each week or monthly.


We recognise that whilst this is great in theory there needs to be a set of guidelines so that this synergy doesn’t get out of balance, and you can enjoy a great co-working environment.

Common courtesy

  • As a shared workspace, we ask that you respect your fellow members by striving to use the space as a quiet and focused work environment.
  • Within the primary work area you will keep work conversations on the phone, or with other co-workers to a fair level. Please respect if anyone asks you to be quiet.
  • Lively conversation should be relegated to the kitchen area, meeting room, or outside.
  • Phone ringers are to be turned down.
  • No smoking allowed in any areas including outdoor balcony. If you need to smoke please kindly walk to the local park at the end of the lane.


  • Considerable thought has been put into the look, feel and aesthetic of the grenco Mornington Co-Working space. We, therefore, ask tenants not to bring furniture, as it affects the consistency of the space. Additionally, we ask members not to place anything including artwork on the walls without express permission.
  • Grenco is a smoke-free area, this applies to inside and outside areas, including the front entrance. We ask that you step away from the building and put cigarette butts in the bin.


  • We offer free tea and coffee and have appliances for you to heat, toast, reheat your goodies. All other stocked items in the fridge are personal to your fellow workers. Take home any leftover food with you, as leftovers in the fridge will be thrown out at the end of the day.
  • Please be mindful to leave the kitchen area and appliances as and where you found them.
  • If you do not know how to use our coffee machine, ask someone before trying.


  • You are expected to keep your desk areas clean, and empty your own rubbish into the larger bins provided (under the sink, or near front entrance) at the end of each day.
  • All dishes that are dishwasher safe should be put in the dishwasher.
  • The stove and other appliances should be cleaned after use. All cleaning products are kept under the sink.
  • The toilet should be treated as your own, please flush and keep the space tidy. Lights out when not in use. Spare toilet paper and air freshener are kept under the sink in the bathrooms.

Electricity, heating & cooling

  • Space will be kept at reasonable temperatures so that we do not overheat, or over-cool the space, as it is a waste of precious energy. No fan heaters or other space heaters are permitted.

Network at our Mornington Co-Working space

  • No inappropriate use such as illegal torrenting or piracy, or offensive content viewing.
  • Fair use of the network & Internet resources. If you need to download or upload something extremely large please advise management prior to doing so.


  • Free black and white printing (max 20 copies) Colour copies are $0.60 each, black and white $0.15.

Be Friendly

  • Coworking communities are excellent sources of information, knowledge, leads, and skills, and as you get to know your neighbours, you’ll find ways to help out each other. Just remember, go in with the mindset of helping without the expectation of anything in return. Trust me, those favours will come back to you at some point, and you’ll make some amazing connections along the way

Please respect each others time, space and boundaries by keeping talking to the communal areas only

Promote with Social Currency

  • Many coworking spaces find their business through word of mouth so if you’ve had a great experience we’d love for you to promote our Mornington Co-Working space to your network.

Don’t be a time bandit

  • We want you to make the most of your working day, but please respect that the hours of business at Mornington Co-working space are 9am – 5.00pm, please don’t assume that because others are still there that you don’t need to leave. Management will begin closing the office at 4.45pm and all tenants are expected to leave by 5.00pm.


  • Grenco Co-working Space does not take responsibility for any valuables left on the premises
  • If you break it you fix it, this applies to all equipment, furniture and fixtures.


We will be asking for your feedback on these guidelines as it’s important the space can evolve. Looking forward to seeing you at grenco for your next productive work day!